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Interactive Design Agency

Are you a new or established business enterprise with something to say or sell? Are you ready for your business to grow and spread like wildfire? Yes, you may have the best products in the world and provide customer service that is not matched anywhere else in the world, but if your image doesn’t convey it, you may never have the opportunity to prove and sell it. Your reputation must precede you. Your potential clients, partners, suppliers and competitors must know about you before they even meet you.

This is the main reason why Interactive Design Agency was formed; to help you catch the attention of your prospects. Branding, Design and Creative Services is our cup of tea! Our creativity allows us to cross the perceived boundaries of multicultural and global markets with ease, opening them to our clients and their brands.

With our innovative style, personal attention, and expert personnel, we deliver powerful design solutions to help you sell, market and communicate in a superior way. Each of our clients works directly with one or more of our partners.

Interactive Design

Our skills

The company is owned and run by a group of partners who are all leaders in their individual creative fields from advertising, marketing, graphic design to web development.


Digital Marketing


Graphic Design


SEO Services



Our Technologies

These are some of our chosen technologies and digital tools.

Our Capabilities

  • We provide graphic design and web design services to businesses large and small, public and private, consumer facing and business to business.
  • Successful in developing unique and progressive ideas and producing effective designs.
  • Creative art direction, idea conception, design production, problem solving, web page design and programming, project management, promotional marketing, pre-press preparation, vendor contracting.
  • Producing communications that meet clients’ budgets, objectives, preferences, and styles.
  • Developing strategic branding and marketing plans.
  • Artistic copy writing for advertisements, flyers, brochures, web sites, and catalogs.
  • Effective skills for negotiating with printers and other vendors to ensure value and quality of services.

Our Specialities

A brand is not simply a pretty picture. A brand is a reputation, an experience. We tailor-make all aspects, from logos and photography to copy-writing and brand guidelines. Through research and exploration, we will design a memorable brand that you will be proud of and that will secure your place at the top of the Premiership.

We generate original ideas complemented and supported by impactful visuals and messages to communicate a brand’s identity and strike a chord with the target audience.

Digital media is rapidly becoming the primary avenue for reaching potential customers. From websites to bespoke smart phone and tablet apps, we help brands harness the technology they need to reach their audience in innovative new ways.

Ready to work with us?

Fulfilling your brand’s ambitions with our creative and technical excellence is our mission.